Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Long time, no speak.

Hi, sorry I've not updated the blog for quite a long time. I have been very busy. Unfortunately my step-dad died on 2nd January and I have been down to my mum's a bit. I usually go down a couple of days a week and do some shopping and have a coffee and a chat with her. We are going to our local garden centre tomorrow, it's also our local craft shop, so there might be some spending done!! We will also call in at the cemetary as we haven't been since the day after the funeral.
I have also been busy setting up a Mr. Site website. It is a lot of fun to do, and so far I'm quite proud of it. Mr. Site put it on Google after 6 weeks, so I have allowed myself that time to get it all ready. So hopefully I will be on google on or around the 17th March, I will keep you posted. So as they say, "Watch this space".

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