Saturday, 3 November 2007

Well it's been a while since I was last on here, been a bit busy, my stepdad is very ill at the moment so I've been going down and helping my mum a bit. Also my son Craig married his fiancee Laura last Wednesday, Halloween. It was a lovely day at Hazlewood Castle near Tadcaster in Yorkshire. Everyone had a great day. They had a blessing in the chapel at 7 in the evening for those who couldn't come to the day do, and then a disco after. All of us who stayed the night had our rooms up-graded and we had a lovely room with a massive 4 poster bed! As soon as I get my photos sorted I will put them on here for you to see. Congratulations to Craig and Laura for last Wednesday. Also a big raspberry to the very nice (not) policewoman who stopped them after they had gone to pick their dog, Buster up from the kennels and gave Laura a fixed penalty fine for not wearing her seatbelt, she was just putting it on! But she didn't like it cos she couldn't find anything else to get her on. She even had the nerve to say her driving license was in the wrong name, she hadn't been married for 24 hours by then! Some people don't have an ounce of common sense.
Tonight we are going to an evening reception for our neighbours who got married this afternoon, it's been lovely weather today so I hope they have enjoyed themselves. So congratulations to Suzanne and Richard. Suzanne is the one I made the Suzanne Tiara for.
Will post piccies in a couple of days.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Today I've made an anniversary card for some friends of ours, if your looking at my blog, Happy Anniversary to Liz & Eric! 27 years tomorrow. I won't post a picture of this card because it has a photo of them on it & I don't know if they would appreciate me publishing it to the world.
Hopefully I'm going to take some photos of my wedding stationery later this week and put them on here, I don't know how they will turn out as they are embossed and the camera can't always pick this out well, but we'll see.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sundays seem to come round so fast.

Well it's Sunday again, We always go to the local social club on Sunday lunch for a little drinkypoo and a game of bingo, (I know I'm sad). Anyway today I took some jewellery in for my friends daughter, Mandy to take and see if she can sell anything for me & she already had an order for a phone charm for her friend at college, which was a nice suprise.
I have been telling people on the forums I belong to about my blog, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who has had a look, especially those who have said they like my tiaras, your kind words are much appreciated!
I am going to be a bit busy this week, but I hope to get some more things on to show in a few days, so please keep popping back.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

This is Suzanne, I made it this week for a wedding in November, it is on a silver-plated base and wire, with small cream pearls and Light Rose AB and Crystal AB Swarovski beads.
This is Alexandria, it is a lovely, simple tiara which could be worn anytime, it is on silver-plated base and wire, with Cream Swarovski Pearls and Crystal AB beads.

This tiara is Zara, it is on silver-plated base and wire, with Capri Blue and Crystal AB Swarovski.

This tiara is Diana, it is on gold-plated base and wire, with Light Azore and Blue Zircon Swarovski beads.
This tiara is called Annabelle, again gold-plated base and wire with Jet AB and Crystal AB Swarovski beads.

I have decided to show a few tiaras, this one is called Victoria,it is on a gold-plated base and has Siam and Crystal AB Swarovski beads, I always use good quality components in all my jewellery.
Hi Everyone,

This is my very first attempt at blogging. I hope to be able to update on a regular basis, although I am always full of good intentions.

Here's a little bit about me, my name is Sue and I've been married to Alan for nearly 30 years, we have 2 children, Shelley who is married to Paul and Craig who is marrying Laura on 31st October this year.

I make greeting cards, Wedding Stationery, Jewellery and Tiaras. I started a few years ago making cards to give to family and friends, and slowly over the years it has grown so that I have now registered with the inland revenue as a small business and sell my things through Party plan and word of mouth. I would like to thank everyone who has bought from me in the past, and hope you will buy from me again. As soon as I get myself organised I will post pictures of some of my creations for you to look at, with prices, so if you are interested you can contact me to buy.

Thanks for looking at my blog.