Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sundays seem to come round so fast.

Well it's Sunday again, We always go to the local social club on Sunday lunch for a little drinkypoo and a game of bingo, (I know I'm sad). Anyway today I took some jewellery in for my friends daughter, Mandy to take and see if she can sell anything for me & she already had an order for a phone charm for her friend at college, which was a nice suprise.
I have been telling people on the forums I belong to about my blog, so a big THANK YOU to everyone who has had a look, especially those who have said they like my tiaras, your kind words are much appreciated!
I am going to be a bit busy this week, but I hope to get some more things on to show in a few days, so please keep popping back.

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Crafted Gems said...

oooooooooooo nice blog and lovely tiara's, i'll have to add you to my list of blogs on my blogs

cor that was a mouthful, lol